19000 jobs in the IT department

19000 jobs in the IT department Income Tax (IT) department as part of the reorganization, to be replaced by 19,000 jobs. The reorganization of the department, the proposal is likely to be adopted at a meeting of the Cabinet held on May 23. Uncanunnatlu officials confirmed that the proposal before the Cabinet. 19,000 over two years as part of a restructuring of the tax officials said the new take. Indian Revenue Service under 800 people in the Group A, Group B, Group Suila 18,000 people under the Income Tax Department are new. This re-payment of taxes, the tax is expected to be easy eggodutunna the surplus line communities. Reorganization that has already been approved by the Cabinet Subcommittee. The Finance Minister Chidambaram, Home Sushil Kumar Shinde, Minister of Forests, Jayanthi Natarajan, Minister of the Department of Personnel V. Narayanaswami members.

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