SSC: Tenth Class all the subject re-verification Chance

Tenth-classroom fail-, such for students this time on a all of the sabjektullo riveriphikesanku, Reason: Answer of documents the Xerox copies of the to obtain a an opportunity to have been provided the. The previous year, Five-sabjektulake this the opportunity to While the this time on a particular social science, also have been provided the. Districts diivo offices set up counters for students to apply to, application forms, where they found the tests in Section deraiktar manmathareddi said. Each subject riveriphikesanku Rs .1,000 calana pay will. Students 15 days to apply to that.

No longer rikaunting for the for each, subject of Rs .500 will be charged a claimed that the. To apply the form the website which downloaded from the can be added that the. More of the the details in the the relevant The school's principals from the can be obtained in. Riveriphikesan for applying the rikaunting apply for a need to be said. Advanced saplimentariki time is shorter because students riveriphikesan or rikauntingku apply when the information arrives to see vaccenela 1 before the examination fee suggested.

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