Three and a half thousand jobs in the notification as soon as soon as we release a major placements

Notification will be released as soon as the government of the state of substitution 3.498 posts. On May 23, the Chief Minister approved the replacement of 34.450 jobs in the following known issue. 12,072, which was to be replaced by appsc jobs. dsc7,346 posts, 14 posts are filled by the Employment Exchange. Police recruitment of 11,387 posts, 133 posts are filled by universities.
Group 1, Group -2 notification when new posts substitution flows from the appsc. That already has hundreds of thousands of eager candidates. This year, the calendar year in relation to the replacement of by appsc.Categories Advertising also has an interest in the unemployed. Resolution of the case is likely to be replaced soon by categories posts.
2012 dsc selected 21 thousand andanother 3.8 million people await for the new notification.

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