AP POLYCET – 2016-Polytechnic Common Entrance Test-2016

2016 - 2017
Website : https://polycetap.nic.in
POLYCET – 2016
1. Commencement of online filing of Applications : 18-03-2016 (Friday)
2. Last date of filing of online Application Form : 12-04-2016 (Tuesday)
3. Date & Time of Entrance Examination : 27-04-2016 (Wednesday)
11.00 A.M. To 1.00 P.M.
4. Tentative Date of declaration of results : 09-05-2016 (Monday)
For admissions into Statewide Institutions located in Telangana State under the ratio
of 42:36:22 (AU/OU/SVU respectively) AP local students need not appear for
POLYCET conducted by Telangana State. 64% of the seats are aportionated to AP
local students in state level Institutions located in Telangana State. (A proposal has
been submitted to the Government to this extent and the above status of admissions
is subject to condition of Govt. approval.)
Sl District Help line centre for sale and uploading of Nearest Coordinating HLC
no POLYCET applications in Andhra Pradesh centre (Examination Centre) code
1 East Godavari Andhra Poly, Kakinada Kakinada HLC010
2 East Godavari Govt Poly for Women, Kakinada Kakinada HLC011
3 East Godavari Dr .BRAGMR Poly, Rajahmundry Rajahmundry HLC072
4 East Godavari Sri YVS & BRM Poly, Mukteswaram Mukteswaram HLC9178
5 Guntur MBTS Govt. Poly, Guntur Guntur HLC014
6 Guntur Govt Poly for Women, Guntur Guntur HLC015
7 Guntur CR Poly, Chilakaluripeta Guntur HLC040
8 Guntur Govt Instt of Textile Technology, Guntur Guntur HLC063
9 Guntur Govt Poly for Minoriries, Guntur Guntur HLC096
10 Guntur Bapatla Poly, Bapatla Bapatla HLC106
11 Guntur Govt Poly, Ponnuru Bapatla HLC164
12 Guntur Govt Poly, Krosuru Krosuru HLC212
13 Guntur Govt Poly, Repalle Bapatla HLC306
14 Krishna Govt Poly, Vijayawada Vijayawada HLC013
15 Krishna AANM & VVRSR Poly, Gudlavalleru Vijayawada HLC030
16 Krishna VKR & VNB Poly, Gudiwada Vijayawada HLC031
17 Krishna SVL Poly, Machilipatnam Machilipatnam HLC041
18 Krishna TKR Poly, Pamarru Machilipatnam HLC074
19 Krishna Govt Poly for Women, Nandigama Nandigama HLC077
20 Krishna Diviseema Poly, Avanigadda Machilipatnam HLC105
21 Krishna AVN Poly, Mudinepalli Vijayawada HLC160
22 Krishna Govt Poly, Gannavaram Vijayawada HLC183
23 Krishna Govt Poly, Kalidhindi Bhimavaram HLC192
24 Krishna Govt Poly, Machilipatnam Machilipatnam HLC215
25 Prakasam D.A. Govt Poly, Ongole Ongole HLC039
26 Prakasam SUVR & SR GPW, Ethamukkala Ongole HLC071
27 Prakasam Pratap Poly, Chirala Bapatla HLC103
28 Prakasam Govt Poly, Kandukur Ongole HLC201
29 Prakasam Govt Ploy, Addanki Addanki HLC202
30 Prakasam Chirala Engg College, Vetapalem Ongole HLC229
31 Srikakulam Govt Poly, Srikakulam Srikakulam HLC008
32 Srikakulam Govt Poly for Women, Srikakulam Srikakulam HLC088
33 Srikakulam Govt Poly, Amadalavalasa Srikakulam HLC208
34 Srikakulam Aditya Instt of Technology & Management, Tekkali Tekkali HLC9088
- 4 -
Sl District Help line center for sale and uploading of Nearest Coordinating HLC
no POLYCET applications in Andhra Pradesh center (Examination Centre) code
35 Visakhapatnam Govt Poly, Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam HLC009
36 Visakhapatnam GMR Poly, Paderu Paderu HLC043
37 Visakhapatnam Govt Poly for women, Bheemunipatnam Bheemunipatnam HLC045
38 Visakhapatnam Govt Poly, Narsipatnam Narsipatnam HLC060
39 Visakhapatnam Govt Inst of Chemical Engg, Visakhapatnam Visakhapatnam HLC065
40 Visakhapatnam Govt Poly, Anakapalli Anakapalli HLC173
41 Vizianagaram M.R.A.G.R. GPT, Vizianagaram Vizianagaram HLC038
42 Vizianagaram Thandrapaparaya Poly, Bobbili Bobbili HLC099
43 Vizianagaram Govt Poly, Parvathipuram Vizianagaram HLC163
44 Vizianagaram Govt Poly, Chinnamirangi, Jiyammavalasa Vizianagaram HLC332
45 West Godavari S.M.V.M. Poly, Tanuku Tanuku HLC012
46 West Godavari Sir. C.R.R. Poly, Eluru Eluru HLC028
47 West Godavari Govt Poly, Jangareddygudem Tanuku HLC162
48 West Godavari Smt. Seetha Poly, Bhimavaram Bhimavaram HLC093
49 West Godavari Govt Poly, TP Gudem Tanuku HLC178
50 Ananathapur Govt Poly, Ananthapur Ananthapur HLC020
51 Ananathapur Govt Poly for Women, Hindupur Hindupur HLC058
52 Ananathapur Govt Poly, Raidurg Kalyandurg HLC165
53 Ananathapur Govt Poly,Dharmvaram Ananthapur HLC170
54 Ananathapur Govt Poly, Kadiri Kadiri HLC175
55 Ananathapur Govt Poly, Tadipatri Ananthapur HLC198
56 Ananathapur Govt Poly, Uravakonda Ananthapur HLC205
57 Ananathapur Govt Poly, Madakasira Hindupur HLC206
58 Ananathapur Govt Poly, Kalyandurg Kalyandurg HLC207
59 Chittoor S.V.Govt Poly, Tirupathi Tirupathi HLC018
60 Chittoor Govt Poly for Women, Palamaneru Kalikiri HLC059
61 Chittoor G.M.R. Poly, Madanapally Madanapally HLC073
62 Chittoor Dr. Y.C. James Yen Rural Govt Poly, Kuppam Kuppam HLC9059
63 Chittoor Govt Poly, Pillaripattu Tirupathi HLC155
64 Chittoor Govt Poly, Chandragiri Tirupathi HLC166
65 Chittoor Govt Poly, Satyavedu Gudur HLC185
66 Chittoor Govt Poly, Kalikiri Kalikiri HLC200
67 Kadapa Govt Poly, Proddatur Proddatur HLC022
68 Kadapa Lalyola Poly, Pulivendla Kadapa HLC029
69 Kadapa Govt Poly for Women, Kadapa Kadapa HLC057
70 Kadapa Govt Poly, Obulavaripalli Rajampet HLC154
71 Kadapa Govt Poly, Jammalamadugu Proddatur HLC171
72 Kadapa Govt Poly, Vempalli Kadapa HLC172
73 Kadapa Govt Poly, Rajampet Rajampet HLC176
74 Kadapa Govt Poly, Simhadripuram Proddatur HLC184
75 Kadapa Govt Poly, Kamalapuram Kadapa HLC199
76 Kadapa Govt Poly, Rayachoti Rajampet HLC213
77 Kurnool ESC Govt. Poly, Nandyal Nandyal HLC021
78 Kurnool T.G.L.G. Poly, Adoni Kurnool HLC042
79 Kurnool S.G.P.R. GPT, Kurnool Kurnool HLC055
80 Kurnool Vasavi Poly, Banaganapally Nandyal HLC056
81 Kurnool G.M.R. Poly, Srisailam Srisailam HLC068
82 Kurnool Govt Poly for Minorities, Kurnool Kurnool HLC098
83 Kurnool Govt Ploy, Alur Kurnool HLC188
84 Kurnool Govt Poly, Adoni Kurnool HLC203
85 Nellore Govt Poly, Nellore Nellore HLC016
86 Nellore Govt Poly, Gudur Gudur HLC017
87 Nellore Govt Poly for Women, Nellore Nellore HLC048
88 Nellore Govt Instt of Ceramic Tech, Gudur Gudur HLC070
89 Nellore Govt Poly, Kavali Nellore HLC209
90 Nellore Govt Poly, Atmakur, SPSR Atmakur, SPSR HLC305
91 East Godavari G.M.R. Poly, Yetpaka, near Bhadrachalam
Yetapaka, near
Bhadrachalam HLC067
92 East Godavari Govt Poly, Anaparthy Rajahmundry HLC529
* For any query the candidate may contact the Principal of the respective HLC
* List of APOnline centers can be seen from https://www.polycetap.nic.in or http://
sbtetap.gov.in or http://aponline.gov.in
* All the Helpline centers will work under the guidance of respective Coordinators.
* POLYCET 2016 application booklet with Application will be available in www.sbtetap.gov.in,
4.1 Fill in the Application form as per the guidelines:
 First fill the 10
Class Hall ticket No., Year of pass and Date of Birth. 

 Fill your name as per school records with one letter for each box. Leave a gap between parts
 of your name. 
  Fill your father’s name 
 Fill in your date of birth in DD MM YYYY [Date /Month/Year] format. 

• Fill in your address details (House number, Village/street, Mandal /town/city, District, PIN
code, mobile number for correspondence.
 Fill in the place where you would like to appear for Examination. Refer the table of
 Examination/ help line centers. 
  Enter the area code to which you are local to Andhra Pradesh (Refer Annexure-II). 
  Enter your reservation category (BC/SC/ST) [Refer Annexure-IV] 
  Enter your special category, if any (CAP/SP/PH/NCC). 
 Fill in minority community details (Other than Hindu) as entered in your school records. 

 Fill in your willingness to appear the examination in Urdu medium. Examination in Urdu
medium will be conducted only at Guntur and Nandyal centers. 

Sl District Help line centre for sale and uploading of Nearest Coordinating HLC
no POLYCET applications in Andhra Pradesh centre (Examination Centre) code
Sign the declaration with regard to your physical fitness to pursue the polytechnic courses. 

 The filled in application form with photograph affixed (Do not stapled and Do not sign on the
photo) and duly signed by Parent/Guardian should be submitted to the computer operator at
the nearest Aponline/Meeseva/Payment gateway/Net Banking/Help Line center with a cash
payment of Rs 330/-.

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