APSSC-10TH Class Advanced Supplementary Exams June 2016 - Time Table



TIME                  PAPER CODE


First Language Paper-! (Group-A)

09:30AM to       OlT, OlA, OlK, OlU,
12:00Noon     01'0', OlH, & OlM First Language Paper-!                       09:30AM to       03T,
03A, 03K, 03U, (Composite Course)                             12:30 PM            03'0', 03H, & 03M


First Language Paper-II

09:30AM to       02T, 02A, 02K, 02U,
12:00Noon     02'0', 02H, & 02M
First Language Paper-II                      09:30AM to       04S, 05, 06 & 08 H (Comp_osite
Course)                             10:30AM

OSSC Main Language Paper-I           09:30AM to       23,25 & 27 (Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian)      

18-06-2016             Second Language                                09:30AM to       09H, 09T
&liE SAUJRDAY                                                                12:00Noon
20-06-2016             English Paper-I                                    09:30AM to       13E
MONDAY              (Code Nos. 13)                                    12:00Noon

21-06-2016             English Paper-II                                   09:30AM to       14£
TUESDAY             (Code Nos. 14)                                     12:00Noon

22-06-2016             Mathematics  Paper-!                           09:30AM to       15£,  15T,
15A, 15K,l5U, WEDNESDAY                                                                  
12:00Noon     15'0', 15H & 15M

23-06-2016             Mathematics  Paper-II                          09:30AM to        16E, 16T,
16A, 16K, 16U, THURSDAY                                                                      
12:00Noon     16'0', 16H & 16M
24-06-2016             General Science Paper-!                     09:30AM to      
19E,19T,J...9A,19K, 19U, FRIDAY                                                                  
           12:00Noon     19'0', 19H & 19M

25-06-2016             General Science Paper-II                    09:30AM to       20E, 20T, 20A
,20K, 20U, SATURDAY                                                                      
12:00Noon     20'0', 20H & 20M

27-06-2016              Social Studies Paper-!                         09:30AM to       21£, 21T,
21A, 21K, 21U, MONDAY                                                                          
12:00Noon       21'0', 21H & 21M
28-06-2016              Social Studies Paper-IT                      09:30AM to       22E, 22T,
22A, 22K, 22U, TUESDAY                                                                          
12:00Noon     22'0', 22H & 22M
29-06-2016              OSSC Main Language Paper-II         09:30AM to       24,26 & 28
WEDNESDAY       (Sanskrit,  Arabic, Persian)                  12:00Noon

Note: 1. The Objective paper in the subjects in which they are given have to be answered in the
last half­ an-hour only except First Language Telugu Paper-I & II I Oriya Paper-I & II I Marathi
Paper I & II I Kannada Paper I & II, Tamil Paper I & II, Hindi Paper I & IT, Urdu Paper I & II,
Third Language English  Paper-!&  II  and  OSSC  Paper  I &  II  for  which  PartA  and  Part-B
should  be  given  at the beginning of examination  and collected together at the close of the
2. All the Academic  course subjects  I Papers  are common  for both SSC  Academic  Course  and
OSSC Course candidates.
3. SSC Advanced  Supplementary Examinations,  June, 2016 will be conducted  strictly  as per the
above time table even if the Government  declares  Public Holiday or General  Holiday  in respect
of any date I dates mentioned above.
4. The performance of the candidates  who answer wrong combination  question  papers will be
cancelled. Hence the candidates are held responsible for demanding I answering wrong question
5. The Performance of the candidate  in the examination  will be cancelled, if the candidate
appears in the examination center other than originally allotted by this office.

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