Para Medical Courses In Andhra Pradesh &Telangana State


A) Laboratory Services :

           1) Diploma in Medical Lab Technology (Laboratory Technology Training Course)

           2) Certificate Course in Blood Banking / Transfusion Technology and

           3) B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology (under University of Health Sciences)

B) Imageology :

          1) Certificate of Radiographic Assistant (C.R.A) course

          2) Cardiology Tech

          3) Diploma in Medical Imaging course

C) Cardiology Services:

         1) Electro cardiogram (E.C.G) Technician Training course

         2) Cardiology Technician Training course.

         3) Cath Laboratory Technician Training Course and

         4) Perfusion Technology Training Course.

D) Anesthesia Services:

        1) Anesthesia Technician Training course.

E) E.N.T.Services:

       1) Audio Metric Technician Training course.

F) Ophthalmic Services:

      1) Ophthalmic Assistant Course and

      2) Optometrist Course.

G) Dental Services:

      1) Dental Hygienist Course  and

      2) Dental Technician course.

H) Nephrology Services:

     1) Dialysis Technician Training course.

I) Multipurpose Health Worker (Male) course.

     1) Diploma  in Multipurpose Health Assistance (Male)

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